What Joanne’s Clients Are Saying…

“As a single person with no immediate family in the area to help me, I greatly appreciated Joanne’s assistance in downsizing and preparing my house for showing. I found her energy, dedication, real estate knowledge and knowledge of the community invaluable. She also helped me sell items on Kijiji and found recipients for many of my donations. I would highly recommend her to any person wishing to buy or sell a home in the Ottawa area.” – John B

“I am sincerely grateful to Joanne Batchelor for all her help in the staging, preparing for sale and the selling of my parents’ home. This was a home that my mother had lived in for more than 65 years (my dad until he passed away 17 years ago) so it had contents reflecting this. It was a difficult and very emotional time for me and Joanne certainly made the task a lot easier. I don’t know how I would have managed without her help. I would tell Joanne that my parents would have really liked her because she did not believe in throwing anything out if it could be used by someone. She organized several estate sales and attempted to sell all that she could. She also has a great knowledge and connections with several charitable organizations that benefitted from many items. Joanne has a very personable approach, respectful of belongings and highly energetic with a wonderful positive attitude. I knew I was in good hands with Joanne from the start as she demonstrated her professionalism and knowledge as a real estate agent. THANK YOU Joanne!” – Shauna G

“Right from the very first day we felt we could totally trust Joanne. And we were right. Joanne did everything she could to sell our condo and find us a new place quickly. Throughout the whole process Joanne was there to help and reassure us. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring: You are the BEST, Mrs. Batchelor. You are a godsend. May you continue to help people by putting their interests first. May God richly bless you and your family!” – James & Raymonde M

“Joanne has been a godsend for us. We had some difficulty with some projects and she stayed with us the whole time until we got our result. She never lost hope and gave us hope also. We couldn’t have done it without her help. She helped us with selling our house as well as articles that needed to be sold. It didn’t matter if she was busy, she always made time for us. She is also devoted to whatever she does. I would recommend her to anybody who needs to sell their house. Joanne, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and devotion. May God bless you with love” – Mrs and Mr Steve M

“Joanne went well beyond her job as a real estate agent. Living 200 km from Ottawa where I had to sell my aunt’s house, I could not easily be there. Not only did Joanne keep an eye on the house, but mostly she was of enormous help to empty the house, which by the way was full with over 60 years of life. Through her extensive network, she either sold the contents or donated to charitable organizations, and organized garage sales, which really corresponded to my and my aunt’s values. We were glad that some items would serve others.
Joanne is very energetic, enthusiastic, experienced, well-organized, cheerful, honest, among other qualities. She also has a very big heart: she often offered to take care of my aunt who now lives in a residence or do whatever to assist her or me when I could not be in Ottawa.
Many thanks Joanne for all you did.
No doubt I highly recommend her.” – Genevieve B

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work, energy, good humor and unfailing optimism! I really appreciate and admire your efforts to sell not only the house, but furniture and other belongings. You perform a very valuable service for your clients (especially those of us who have difficulty parting with all of their “stuff”!)” – Jennifer

“Joanne Batchelor recently sold our house – a challenging property for a number of reasons.  I would strongly recommend using Joanne to market your property because:

  • Knowledge: Joanne had a detailed knowledge of our neighbourhood – the sales history of properties in the area, the type of buyers looking for properties in the neighbourhood and, very importantly, the market value of local houses. She also had a roster of prospective buyers to provide an initial list of potential buyers for the house.
  • Dedication: Joanne worked very hard to maximize the marketing profile of our house.  She was prepared to spend whatever time was required to obtain a fair price – she was not prepared to entertain offers that did not approach a realistic market value just to make a sale. Joanne was working for us to get the best price possible, not to a make a sale at the earliest opportunity.
  • Experience: Joanne demonstrated her considerable experience as a realtor in guiding us through the sales process and the related maze of regulatory requirements.
  • Personal character: Joanne at all times was fair, open and straightforward in her dealing with us and the agents of prospective buyers. In all transactions, she protected our interests and ensured that all dealings were beyond reproach. In a field which has recently been subject to considerable criticism for questionable practices, Joanne’s integrity and ethical grounding were outstanding and much appreciated.

The bottom line:  throughout the whole process of selling our house, we were very comfortable working with Joanne and appreciated and enjoyed her professionalism and  personality in helping us achieve our sales target.” – Alan B.

“There are no words to adequately communicate the comprehensiveness of the service Joanne provided, nor the great heartedness with which she took care of everything.  Our mom was a pack rat. Neither my brother nor I live in Ottawa.  I can’t imagine what the sale of mom’s house and contents would have been like with anyone other than Joanne.
I’ve had some wonderful agents in the past, but Joanne’s logo “Here to Help” says it all.  She not only said “I’ll take care of that” often, but followed through with relish, keeping us informed, consulting where necessary, and otherwise taking care of details large and small. Joanne was proactive, creative, knowledgeable, energetic, thorough, enthusiastic, a good listener and a great problem solver.  And I still haven’t come close to describing how truly amazing she is. Joanne Batchelor is to real estate what Gretzky is to hockey.” – Dawna P.

“Joanne Batchelor certainly does earn her real estate fees!  Her enthusiasm was obvious from the first meeting, and it continued through to the sale of our home.  Our house was priced well, for the market, and her dedication to the sale did not waver. Joanne is willing to help out with any issues that will advance the sale, and her advice is always appreciated. I would recommend Joanne to any of my friends who are looking for a great real estate agent.” – Deb and Gerry.

“Joanne is an extremely professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, and thorough real estate agent. She answers questions promptly and is easily accessible. It was a pleasure dealing with her. Our home sold quickly and with little stress. I highly recommend Joanne for all your real estate needs.” – David G.

“In our opinion, Joanne is much more than a real estate agent.  She is a facilitator.  We were selling our parents’ home, and were a little overwhelmed by the task – particularly given that we live in another city.  She went way above and beyond the call of duty to find us the best offer with the timelines we needed, arranged a garage sale, dropped off donations to charity, took trash bags to the curb on garbage day, listed items on Kijiji … and even dropped by to visit my Dad in his retirement home a few times.  She kept us informed every step of the way and proactively offered suggestions to improve the process.  We keep referring to her as our angel.  In the end the sale was smooth and stress-free.  We wouldn’t hesitate to refer her to friends and family. Thanks Joanne!” – Jordan L.

“I live in Calgary and was executor to my father’s estate, which included arranging the sale of his house in Ottawa. A family friend recommended Joanne, and she explained that her service included disposing of any unwanted house contents, at no cost to us. We had limited time in Ottawa, so Joanne’s realistic knowledge of the value of the contents, and her tireless selling, donating and disposing of them were extremely helpful.

Joanne’s service extends well beyond the actual sale of the house, which went very smoothly and fairly. We always trusted Joanne and knew we could rely on her to do what she said, despite her busy schedule. She is very hard working and she knows the Ottawa market very well.” – Peter E.

“Our home sold quickly and we were under pressure to find a new home for ourselves and our three young children in a short period of time. Joanne went above and beyond the call of duty to make this happen. She knocked on doors, made use of her extensive network and worked tirelessly. In the end, she not only found us a home in time, but she found the exact home we were looking for. Thank you, Joanne!” – Kelly P.

“What can you say about Joanne, whom we appreciated for all of the assistance around the selling of our house. Since meeting Joanne we completed our sale from start to finish in only 6 weeks. She was tenacious, knowledgeable and professional, from going through the actual process, to regular support and aid in a garage sale, furniture selling (because we were downsizing) and the promptness of replies to questions and queries. We would recommend Joanne to any of our friends.” – Steve and Diane

“What a gem!  Joanne was recommended to us by a mutual friend and military colleague. On first meeting Joanne, we found her professional and knowledgeable with an energetic enthusiasm that was hard to ignore. She did not disappoint us. Of particular note, Joanne held several open houses for us within a short period of time that were instrumental in securing the successful sale of our property.  To quote a military expression, she “went far beyond the call of duty”, recommending auctioneers, websites and charities that might take our items that were surplus to requirement as we were downsizing. This also included holding a garage sale on our behalf. We have no hesitation in recommending this exceptional agent to anyone.” – Jeanette and Charles

“There’s little doubt that Joanne’s sensibility, determination and boundless enthusiasm helped sell my house in two short months while numerous other houses in my neighbourhood had been languishing for over a year. Friendly, genuine and with an eye for details, I felt that I had a real partner in getting my house ready and setting my expectations to the right level. She identified the unique attributes of my home and got potential buyers talking about them. When the time came to negotiate an offer, I felt she gave me the information I needed to confidently make my decision. Joanne also went well beyond what you’d expect from a typical realtor – she helped me sell my things with online listings and garage sales, and even invited me to stay with after closing my house and prior to me moving out of country with my pets. She’s a tremendously wonderful person that you’ll quickly warm to and fully put your trust in.” – Michel D.

“I had the great pleasure of having Joanne as the real estate agent for the sale of my parent’s home. First, I should state that I did not know Joanne prior to this experience. Joanne was recommended by my sister. Joanne was interviewed as well as two other very experienced agents. Initially I did not believe Joanne had any chance of getting our business. Joanne impressed me with her energy and willingness to put in her time to deal with the many issues involved in making the sale happen, and she won the job. In the past, I have dealt with 5 commercial real estate purchases, 4 commercial sales and 2 residential purchases. The agents in all of these cases did a least an adequate job.  Joanne was by far the best agent I have dealt with. Joanne is a very honest and a very hard worker. She promised much and indeed did what she promised and more. Joanne impressed me as she is very good with customers and very insightful in looking for ways to increase our sales opportunities. Joanne kept me informed of all details as we went along, and discussed with me the pros and cons of what we were doing. Joanne made many good suggestions during the process period to present the house in a better way. The sale was completed in 3 weeks with better terms and at a better price than we had hoped for. I would unconditionally recommend Joanne to anyone looking to sell or purchase a property. I enjoyed working with Joanne and would use her if I were to purchase or sell a property in the future.” – Byrne B., B Eng

“Now that it is a done deal, the money is in the Bank and the sale is a reality, we want to thank you. We have been very fortunate that, through a chance meeting, we found you to help us through the whole difficult process. You have been very supportive and kind through it all. You were honest and forthright and we appreciate all that you have done. We realize that it was a hard sell for a number of reasons but you were always there, being encouraging and supportive. We were happy to have had you for our Agent representing our home in the best light possible. Over the last several months we have developed a special relationship and hope that our friendship will continue. We will be gladly recommend you to anyone who asks for an honest and caring Real Estate Agent.” – Mary and Frank

“Knowledgeable. Professional. Efficient. Ever-so-helpful  Joanne patiently worked with my wife and me to help us to find and purchase a great house that is well-suited for our family’s needs. We were more than satisfied with her A++ service, finding Joanne to be knowledgeable, flexible, hard-working and extremely helpful. She quickly grasped the type of house, location and price range that we were looking for and helped us find and compare suitable properties – much of this done via internet since we were overseas for most of the house-hunting period. We found Joanne to be extremely practical and transparent. She always had our best interests as her ultimate priority and provided advice and support that really made the whole process much easier and less stressful. We highly recommend Joanne to anyone looking for an honest, hard-working and friendly real estate agent to help purchase or sell a property.” – Bill D.

“Joanne went above and beyond what I would have expected from a real estate agent. She made my experience as a first time home buyer as easy as possible without missing out on details. She had great communication, drive and insight throughout the entire process, which led me to a great purchase and peace of mind.” – Tallis V.