Low-Budget, High-Impact Home Updates

Low-Budget, High-Impact Home Updates


If you’re looking for a low-budget, high-impact home upgrade or renovation, there are luckily quite a few that can give your home a boost in terms of decor and functionality. In this blog, we’ll cover a few quick renovation tricks for a variety of rooms and spaces in and around your home. No matter whether you’re selling your home or staying for a while, we’d recommend adding at least one of these upgrades to your “to-do” list this year.


Kitchen Upgrades


Kitchen upgrades are a great choice because there’s so much to choose from. When you’re assessing your options, consider both functional upgrades and decor-centric ones. They can both be incredibly beneficial in the long-term because of how frequently you’ll spend time in space, and how often you’ll use the appliances. 


If you’re looking for something simple, try adding a backsplash or a fresh coat of paint. You can also play around with adding smaller indoor plants and low-maintenance succulents to freshen the look and feel of the space. Countertops would be a mid-range update, but are very impactful on the overall look of the kitchen. For something a bit more large-scale, consider modifying or updating your kitchen storage. If your home has an eat-in kitchen, consider replacing the table and/or chairs with something more modern or stylized. You can play with the idea of different shapes and sizes to fit your dining needs.


Living Space Upgrades


Most low-budget, high-impact updates for your living spaces are decor-centric, as purchasing a bunch of new furniture can add up and become very expensive. This is why we would recommend looking at what’s available in terms of used or recycled furniture, just in case you’re able to find something that fits your stylistic needs for a reasonable price. 


As with any room in your home, a fresh coat of paint can drastically change the overall look and feel. In addition, try adding some matching throw pillows or blankets to your couches and chairs to tie everything together. These spaces could also likely benefit from indoor plants. They come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to fit your decor, all while improving overall air quality. If you don’t have time to take care of them, consider faux plants or other low-maintenance options, such as succulents. 


If you’re looking to add more space, try hanging a mirror on a relatively empty wall to make the room feel much larger. Mirrors can come in many shapes and sizes with different frames to perfectly match your decor. Taking down a non load-bearing wall can also increase space, but you must plan carefully as it can become very expensive if any complications present themselves. Consider electrical and plumbing components inside the walls, ceiling and flooring repairs before settling on this option.


Bathroom Upgrades


Bathroom upgrades give you some added versatility since there are often multiple bathrooms in your home. As with other spaces in your home, consider a fresh coat of paint or a change in colour. Also consider adding plants to your bathrooms that benefit from high moisture, especially in your master bathroom or bathrooms that feature a shower. Try implementing stylized rugs or mats to add some diversity to the floor. If you can, find towels that complement them and tie the room together.




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